The perfect makeup for Halloween

The perfect makeup for Halloween

Searching for a truly perfect makeup look for Halloween? We conclude this article with an excellent makeup solution, in a video of evocative beauty, set in the splendid Upper Town of Bergamo.

Atmospheres which allude to the dark elegance of Venetian Carnivals, reinterpreted using the supreme quality of Karaja products, for an original, seductive and unforgettable result.

Colour palettes have been meticulously developed to exalt the depth of the gaze, using bold smoky eye effects taken to the extreme, propagated right out to the temples and further enhanced by long, petal-like lashes on an ethereal base, which highlight the face profile and cheekbone lines.

The perfect makeup for Halloween by Karaja, designed to astonish, with class and elegance.

The play on contrasts – black, blue, silver, white, emerald green, identifies the eyes as the centre of the face: two extremely deep universes, exalted by blended contours and skilfully matched nuances.