Prodigy Collection: spring-summer brimming with colour!

Prodigy Collection: spring-summer brimming with colour!

The new Prodigy Collection by Karaja is a must-have for 2018 Spring-Summer.  Maximum quality and sophisticated make-up, oriented by colour and material allure, with visual impact guaranteed by products as well as the sheer delicateness of ingredients, developed to satisfy all skin types.

Wonder Fix is the no transfer long lasting lip colour available in a fluid, sheer and flexible formulation: a second skin which renders lips extraordinarily impeccable for hours on end, guaranteeing maximum comfort. The ease of application and long duration offered by Wonder Fix are just two of an endless list of advantages, making this dermatalogically tested product one of the season’s most eagerly awaited.

Sweet Elixir is the 3D effect lip gloss for irresistibly firm lips, thanks to its enveloping formula which unleashes the olfactory magic of citrus fruits blended with the delicious pleasure of its sweet flavour. This exclusive texture, a veritable beauty treatment which regenerates and rejuvenates lips contains VolulipTM, a ground-breaking ingredient with Portaluca Pilosa associated with the peptide Pal-Kno2k which acts as an anti-ageing active ingredient, against the signs of lip zone ageing. When consistently applied twice a day, Sweet Elixir improves the appearance of lips which become softer and more nourished, with a full and plump effect for perfect three-dimensionality.

The opaque lipstick Rouge Mat is characterised by its rich, creamy consistency and intense colour rendition, for perfect lip cover. Just the thing for all opaque lipstick lovers, confers a velvety finish upon lips, similar to a rose petal.

Prodigy is the brand new velvety, super longwear and waterproof lip pencil created to divinely contour and fill lips with extreme precision and unbeatable delicateness. Easy to blend immediately after application, it releases covering, long-lasting colour. Dermatologically tested.

Cat Eyes is the soft fondant jumbo pencil capable of satisfying all make-up requirements. It can be used as a waterproof eyeliner for an intense, defining and highly concealing line thanks to its rich pigment, for maximum eye contour enhancement. At the same time, its immediate colour release properties exalt the gaze from the eyelash rim, like a kajal. Lastly, Cat Eyes can also be used as an extra long lasting eye shadow which glides delicately along the eye lid. Easily blendable after application and ophthalmologically tested.

Gold & Bronze is the contouring & strobing bronzer from the Prodigy Collection, perfect for modelling face volumes and intensifying expressiveness. Its impalpable formula and double light-dark colour have been specially designed to illuminate and exalt cheekbones, eyelids, nose and chin, while also creating shadow contrast and sculpting face contours and elements. Opaque and pearled light enables you to mix or choose from a matt result or satin and luminous complexion.

Absolute Brow Shaper is the long lasting, no transfer and waterproof eyebrow pencil created to fill and draw eyebrows with natural and full shading. It glides over skin without leaving any visible lines. It is easy to use thanks to its professional, oblique cut applicator, designed both in terms of materials and shape to guarantee perfect and delicate shading.

Prodigy Collection: is the new make-up range conceived for Spring-Summer 2018, bursting with floral hues and sorbet tonalities: a must-have for a summer brimming with femininity, romance and vitality.