Makeup for a winning job interview

Makeup for a winning job interview

Upcoming  job interview? Are you looking for perfection on such an important occasion? Makeup also has a role to play. Selecting the most appropriate makeup for a professional meeting may significantly contribute towards the impact you’ll have on those you interact with.

Let’s start with a general, yet equally important premise: it goes without saying that the value of your curriculum is immense at a job interview, but that’s not to say that a candidate’s look doesn’t count at all. What’s more, this has been recently confirmed in a study conducted by the recruitment company Robert Half, in which it emerged that it takes HR managers no more than five minutes to get an idea of the person in front of them and in 63% of cases, this idea remains unchanged.

Therefore, dress code, makeup and attitude play an essential role in conveying a competent and professional image in front of recruiters.

The first rule is to contextualise your look, based on the type of company and accordingly choose a more or less formal style, based on whether you are at a consolidated company or a creative start-up. However, in general it is always best to remember that extreme or excessively informal looks are not the best choice for a job interview, and that a clean and tidy look is generally a must. Pay particular attention to hair, nails, hands and teeth, even if you are going for an extremely casual look.

It is equally important that you feel at ease, which is why it is best advised to steer clear from experimenting with makeup for that upcoming job interview. Go for products and techniques which make you feel yourself, things you are familiar with and which have always had the power to align you with your own personality. Conveying confidence and tranquillity is one of the first steps towards convincing the interviewer that we are calm and reliable.

Also, be careful not to exaggerate with colour palettes, especially if the room in which you put your makeup on is lit mostly by artificial and not natural light. Neon lighting tends to take the edge off vibrant tones and make your complexion appear paler, so you run the risk of going over the top in an attempt to counterbalance these effects. Moderation and utmost elegance are key words.

In general, women with Nordic colours and features could go for a classic chic minimalist look. If you belong to this aesthetic category, you can perfectly and naturally illuminate your skin with BB Magic White by KARAJA, for an absolutely natural, uniform colour and neat effect. For eyes, we advise that you delicately highlight contours with a thin stroke of black eyeliner, or with a brown pencil you can smudge, for a warmer and deeper gaze.

What about lips? Go for pink or nudes, avoid excessively aggressive red.


If you have a typically Mediterranean complexion, with olive or tanned skin, we also advise you to opt for BB Magic White by KARAJA, a light and impeccable base which exalts and perfects skin tonality. You could accentuate or highlight your complexion with a light brush of bronzer or a touch of coral powder.

For your eyelids, choose eye shadow ranging from bronze to ivory. Go for black pencil and mascara, with natural tone lips, or tending towards coral, to complete the look.