There is no universal rule for perfect makeup that can make all women equally beautiful and happy with their appearance on the big day.

So, what is the secret to that magical touch that all brides are anxiously searching for in the long run-up to their wedding, that will forever seal the untarnished beauty of their wedding?

Fundamental to the success of the makeup is the collaboration between the makeup artist and bride, the intimate understanding of a woman’s deepest desires, her longing to be unique and special, maybe even a bit experimental for a day, but at the same time also the need to feel at ease with all eyes on her.

Therefore, every makeup artist will use all their sensitivity and skills for this occasion, with their own style and little secrets.

But to clarify, let us return for a moment to some of the essential, necessary aspects that are the starting point from which the various alternatives and ways of thinking are developed.

When deciding which products to use and which type of makeup to go for, we can’t overlook the following:

  • the proportions and the shape of the face, to understand where to apply shadows and light reflections
  • the type of skin, whether oily, combination or dry, that determines the choice of the most suitable formulation for the face base
  • the temperature, or warm or cold undertone of the skin, which influences the choice of the colour palette
  • personal preference for a MAT or GLOWING finish that influences the choice of opaque, pearly or satin formulas
  • being used to a look which is natural and blended, or very sculpted and intense
  • the need to use products that are long lasting, or possibly non-transfer and totally waterproof, to last all day long and withstand rain and tears.

As the makeup is filmed and photographed all day and night in many cases, it must remain immaculate and flawless!

In this blog, we’ll look together at the different types of foundations in relation to the different skin types, in order to recommend the most suitable one.

If you have dull and dry skin, the ideal base is SKIN VELVET.

Comfortable and soft, it creates a glowing complexion and restores natural radiance to dull skin.

It does not crack or mark during the day, acting like a real beauty elixir.

On the other hand, if your skin is oily or combination, with noticeable pores, a lightweight base with a smoothing effect is required, which can contain the excessive shine at the same time.

PHOTO FINISH is ultra-fine like a veil of silk, able to give a smooth and velvety effect that lasts all day. It contains soft-focus pigments that minimise marks and imperfections and create the optical illusion of perfect skin.

Both the SKIN VELVET and PHOTO FINISH foundations are imperceptible on the skin, ideal both in winter and in summer.

They can be applied with a brush and can be worked to obtain a buildable coverage, from transparency up to medium coverage.

If you have particularly oily and shiny skin and prefer powdered bases, there’s nothing better than UNICAKE.

This silky and light oil-free foundation instantly melts onto the face like a second skin, absorbing all the shine.

If you want something totally invisible that makes your complexion even-looking and perfects just your skin tone, without covering, the best product is BB WHITE SECRET TOUCH. It blends perfectly with your complexion and gives a fresh, radiant and matt effect. Makes you feel “right” without makeup! Ideal for all skin types.

For skin with noticeable imperfections, such as dark spots and pimples, a high-covering base is needed that can give maximum coverage with a small amount. DIVINE COVER is a waterproof, non-transfer and super-covering foundation.

However, this type of formula guarantees a natural effect because one drop of product is all you need to achieve a perfect look.

If you’ve been up all night or slept badly and you don’t look like yourself, PHYTOLIFT can give you a hand. It is a serum with a lifting effect that helps to smooth out your features and restore brightness and radiance.

Suitable as a primer before the foundation, it can also be used underneath a bronzer.

So, have you found your ideal foundation?

Tell us which is your favourite foundation and what type of skin you have.