Colours of Autumn: what to choose for makeup

Colours of Autumn: what to choose for makeup

It’s a well known fact that makeup changes together with each season’s colours and trends. So, what makeup style should you choose for the  2018/2019 Autumn-Winter season?

According to experts, maximum focus should be on eyes and lips, embellished with interesting plays on contrasts, so whenever eyes are defined by intense makeup, the lips should be low-key, and vice versa. A classic rule of beauty schools. 

The latest trends suggest light makeup, skilfully enriched by strategic contouring to highlight cheekbones and for skinnier cheeks. However, Autumn makeup appears to be focused above all on creating the perfect base for bringing to life scenic and high impact makeup looks. Cue the overwhelming presence of dark smoky eyes on catwalks all over the world, with intense kajal lining, sometimes even highlighted by graphic digressions.

Black is definitely in, but far from all-pervasive: the 2018/2019 Autumn-Winter season also leaves considerable room for colour, as previously mentioned, especially for lips and eyes. 

2018/2019 Autumn-Winter makeup: eyes

Let’s start with the veritable stars of this year’s show: eyes. They need to be fearlessly and daringly enhanced with pencils and eyeshadows: they should never be subdued.

Previously mentioned smoky eyes are a timeless classic and are now re-proposed in a traditional style in anthracite grey, black and London Smoke base, although there is also room for luminous and coloured accents which “tame” and sweeten the typically dark effect of this makeup genre. Colours used to this effect include silver and even green, the latter is explored in both natural and the most vibrant of tones. There is no shortage of bronze, intense purple, burgundy, orange and electric blue.

As for application techniques, experts of the sector recommend full lid or geometric lines, capable of intensifying the gaze.

Ultra thick and black lines are recommended for lovers of double-layer eye makeupwhich highlight the eye on the upper and lower lid, with a subtle oriental flavour.  It comes as no surprise that black eyeliner is touted as this season’s essential ingredient for creating geometric and softer lines, designed to lengthen or broaden the gaze.

2018/2019 Autumn-Winter Makeup: lips

The 2018/2019 Autumn-Winter season wants super colourful lips, or alternatively, lips exalted by a “nude look”.

The new classic appears to be neutral lipstick which should always be selected based on complexion and oriented towards warm, natural colours: beige tonalities as well as light, almost strawberry hues. 

Anyone wishing to be more daring can be inspired by the trend which favours the season’s must-have ultra dark tones: we advise you go for burgundy, aubergine and dark brown. Are you a lover of vibrant colours? Have no fear! There’s still room for mauve, coral red and even fuchsia tones.

What about finish? No room for discussion here: the season’s makeup trend is definitely Matte.

2018/2019 Autumn-Winter Makeup: the perfect base

Lastly, it is also worth saying a few words about the face, a canvas to be decorated with the perfect makeup look.

Autumn trends are all oriented towards an ethereal look for the face, enhanced by opalescent powders, in perfect contrast with finishes for eyes and lips.