All of Christmas in the Karaja makeup designed for your 25th December lunch

All of Christmas in the Karaja makeup designed for your 25th December lunch

Your eyes and brows are the two details that need to be defined to maximise the enveloping red of your lips

Looking forward to the Christmas red carpet that leads you to presents and festive food?
We have thought of three key points on your face to focus on for your Christmas makeup: this extremely simple yet haute couture result is a winning combination with any look.


1. If our makeup were a sentence, our brows would be the first capital letter written in beautiful calligraphy. In other words, don’t underestimate them.
We all know that bushy eyebrows are back in fashion, but not all of us have naturally thick ones.
We can use our faithful Karaja eyebrow tools: with the Wonder Brow Stencil Kit, the Brow Blender brush and the No Trace pencil (available in two colours, to choose the shade that suits you), your brows will change in a few steps, and so will your eyes! The effect you create can be full or blended, matt and totally unartificial.


2. Your eyes, highlighted by your brows, are softened and made elegant by the definition of the upper lash line arch. You can decide whether to opt for a more or less obvious contour, in both cases the line will be straight and clean.
With the Karaja top liner a very fine and natural line can be created as if it had a filling effect on the lash lines.
The nib is extremely easy to handle and can be used by everyone.
A touch of Night & Day 24h mascara and we are ready: this is the ideal product to lengthen your lashes without weighing them down. It is also waterproof, super longwear and does not need to be touched up.


3. And now we come to the sentence closer, in this case the exclamation mark: your lips! Your lips are the stars of your Christmas lunch makeup and must first be well hydrated so that the products can be applied properly (the Ultra-Rich Lip Butter is essential). They can be tinted with the Perfect Touch Lip Primer to make the colour of your lipstick shiny and more durable. For Christmas 2019 we have chosen a Venetian red shade like that of the Karaja Extra Matt lipstick with its silky and opaque finish.
A tip: to make your lips look plumper, apply a pencil in a slightly darker colour along the lip contour and blend inwards.


Fonte: Giphy

Now we’re ready to smile at relatives, drink red wine without leaving a trace on the glass and enchant everyone with the perfect Karaja makeup for your Christmas lunch!