How to apply makeup for blue eyes? Perfect makeup in a few, simple steps

How to apply makeup for blue eyes? Perfect makeup in a few, simple steps

Applying makeup for blue eyes means fully enhancing one of the most highly appreciated iris colours, which is also one of the trickiest to exalt in all its beauty and uniqueness.

The blog A Trendy Experience recently posted an interesting article on this topic, using Karaja products and bringing to life a truly exceptional makeup look for day-to-day use.

In a highly professional manner, the blogger immediately highlights that makeup for blue eyes must not be limited to the selection of the most suitable eye shadow. Rather, emphasis should be on exalting the beauty of the entire face, based on skin-tone.

This is the starting point which requires a makeup base and concealer to match skin tone, even out face colour, eliminate dark bags under the eyes and provide an optimal base for eye shadow application.

It is also important to remember that blue is a frosty colour so it’s vital to counterbalance this characteristic with an eye shadow that exudes warmer tonalities, if you wish to achieve a natural effect. In this sense, a product which exudes orange, brown and yellow tones seems to be a winning choice. The end result will culminate in pure synergy, combining perfect celestial iris enhancement with a softer, more reassuring and less “harsh” overall appeal.

The blogger has matched the eye shadow with an eyeliner, conferring a more vintage effect, perfect with the curly hairstyle, reminiscent of a Grease star look.

The uniform makeup base made using BB cream and a highlighter was then warmed up using pink tone blusher and lipstick, to enhance cheeks and lips in an extremely natural way. This type of makeup is perfect for practically any occasion, softening the typical coolness of blue while also enhancing the gaze, as well as the face’s natural and soft lines. All this in an extremely harmonious, natural and luminous way.


The collection of Karaja products used to create this makeup look includes:

  • Aquacolor N. 10 pastel eye shadow with sparkling reflexes
  • Touch Pastel N.11
  • Instant Glow N.2
  • Trio Lipstick Rouge Ombré N.1
  • BB Magic White